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What we do to register your boat

step by step

On Your Marks

Let's start !


If you would like to register your boat in Poland, please let us know via our point of contact or send information to the following address:

We will answer all your questions and provide you with all the information.

If you choose to work with us, we will ask you to send us further information and copy of documents by e-mail as we complete the form in the REJA24 system.

Due to the wide variety of possibilities in the form, this is the best way to complete it and submit the boat registration application.

Preparation of your application for registration in the REJA24 system


We send all documents electronically.
We will send you a power of attorney form that you sign.
You send us copies (scans or photos) of the most important documents:

  • your ID

  • confirmation of boat ownership (e.g. proof of purchase, invoice, purchase contract)

  • CE declaration of conformity for boats

  • confirmation of engine parameters (e.g. declaration of conformity, operating manual)

  • power of attorney for us.

Sometimes other documents may also be required. This depends, for example, on whether you are registering your boat as an individual or as a company.
Some documents require translation. We organize it in Poland.
We will inform you of all the requirements when we submit your application, and the system will require it.
We approach each case individually so as not to make mistakes.

Stack of Files

Your temporary certificate of registration


After accepting the application in the system, we receive your temporary certificate.
We will send it to you immediately by e-mail.
You can use it until the final Watercraft Registration Certificate is issued.

Have you noticed that you haven't paid any costs so far?

Your final Watercraft Registration Certificate in the form of a plastic card


Your final Watercraft Registration Certificate in the form of a plastic card is issued approximately 30 days after receiving your provisional certificate.
We immediately send you a scan of your Watercraft Registration Certificate.
We look forward to receiving a bank transfer from you.
After receiving the transfer, we will send you the card - your final Watercraft Registration Certificate.


This completes our work on the issue of registration of your boat. 

We will be very pleased if we receive your opinion on our activities.

After registering your boat under the Polish flag, you should apply for a Polish radio license and a Polish MMSI.
Of course, we will do it for you !

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