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Do you want to register your boat under the Polish flag ?

Do it with our Agency !

The cost is only € 250 (or the equivalent in CHF, £ or $)

Have you already registered your boat under the Polish flag,

and now you need to get a Polish MMSI radio license ?
Do it with our Agency !

The cost is only € 160 (or the equivalent in CHF, £ or $)

With us you will register your boat and get your MMSI radio license easier, sooner and cheaper than you would expect !

We can also register an EPIRB for you and obtain a PLB radio license if you want to use this device at sea.

We approach each case individually, so we don't make mistakes !

You don't take any financial risk. We cover all required expenses.

You always pay after the whole process is finished and when all the documents are in our hands !

This is a logical reason why we want to finish the whole thing faster than quickly !


What should you expect from us ?


Preparation of your documents

We are located in Poland

(near Warsaw),

familiar with all Polish procedures.

No mistakes - guaranteed !

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Delivery of your documents

We prefer the fastest solutions

Full service of your application in Poland

There are no more experienced people in Poland than we are

Online Shopping

Your boat registration certificate sent to you and then your MMSI radio licence in electronic format

After receiving the documents, tell your friends how they can register their boat in Poland and get a Polish MMSI licence with us


You can read the entire information on our website how we do the above things in detail

or receive complete information from us by email.