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What we do to get your radio license & MMSI

step by step


Let's start !


If you already have a registered boat in Poland, you should now obtain a Polish radio license with a Polish MMSI number.
If you would like to get a Polish radio license, please let us know via our point of contact or send information to the following address:
We will answer all your questions and provide you with all the information.
If you choose to work with us, we will ask you to send us further information and copy of documents by e-mail as we complete the application form for you.

What should we know in the beginning:

  • are you a private boat owner ?

  • is there only one owner or more ?

  • is a company an owner of the boat ?

Preparation of the application for a radio license


You send us copies (scans or photos) of the following documents by e-mail:

We prepare your radio license application and required attachments.
We make all the required fees.
It may happen that some additional documents are required, for example translations. We organize everything ourselves, but we inform you about it.
We complete all the documents, we do not make mistakes!
When everything is ready...


Delivery of your documents


When everything is ready, your application is correct and there are all required attachments, we send documents to the Office of Electronic Communications.

Have you noticed that you haven't paid any fees so far?

Your ship radio licence in electronic format

After your licence has been issued by the Office, we will email you the first page as the confirmation that it has been issued.

Only now is the time to pay for the license.

After transferring the money to our account, we will send you by email your entire licence along with the electronic signature file.

We will also send you a link to the Office's website where information about the licenses issued is published.


This completes our work on the issue of your licence. Thank you !

If your licence includes EPIRB and you wish to register it with our support or you wish to apply for a PLB licence, please let us know and we will send you information on how to proceed.


We will be very pleased if we receive your opinion on our activities.

If you are satisfied with us, please recommend us and our website to your friends.

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